UMAMD Conference Call
April 3, 2020
3 pm Eastern

Present: Hank Jenkins, Brian Burch, Lisa McKee, Tim Vermande, Janelle Delaney, Nancy Webb, Leo Yates, Sharon McCart, Bev Hall, Jonathan Campbell, Michelle Menefee, Rebecca Holland, Greg Edwards, John McKee, Christopher Wylie

Meeting began with prayer led by Jonathan and devotion by Lisa.

Question for discussion: How you continuing your ministry?
Done is better than perfect!
Captions are necessary for Deaf and hard-of-hearing
UMAMD Blogs at
Visiting folks through the windows: as people with disabilities we are used to dealing with challenges. This is nothing new for us.

Question: How are you keeping sabbath?
Keeping a schedule
Sing songs, Taizé songs, these have lots of repetitions
Breathe prayers

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Burch